HP Stream x360

If you need to reset Windows Phone on your HP Stream x360, you have reached the tutorial that will help you!

HP Stream x360

This method has been approved by the manufacturer as a safe way to return your HP to its factory settings.

Before going ahead with the procedure, please remember that all of your personal data will be erased. If you can, do a backup of your data before proceeding.

Also make sure the battery of your HP Stream x360 is charged to at least 80% to avoid any unexpected shutdowns.

How to reset Windows Phone on HP Stream x360

You don’t need to have access to the start screen of your HP Stream x360 to be able to reset Windows on it. Just follow these steps and you’ll have your device back to it’s factory settings in no time.

  • Turn off your HP Stream x360 completely and wait 20 seconds before proceeding.
  • Turn on your device and press the F11 key several times, until the Choose an option menu shows up on the screen
  • Click Troubleshoot
  • Click reset your PC
  • On the next screen click on Next.
  • Read and answer any screens that shows.
  • Your HP Stream x360 will now reset itself, and when it comes back it will be at it’s out of the box state.

Reset Windows Phone on HP Stream x360 is simple!

If you have followed the steps to reset Windows on your device, then you should now have a HP Stream x360 back to it’s factory settings. Simple as that!

2 thoughts on “HP Stream x360”

  1. Good day,

    When upgrading to Windows 10 , it has entered the loop and will not start , what I can do?
    I can go to UEFI , but only allows me to raise or lower the volume keys on the first 2 options left menu .
    USB ports do not work, I think that they are disabled ,
    What I can do?

    Screen1 – start attempt Windows

    Screen2- it is for this message as touch goes wrong, i manage ok but still giving the same messaje on screen

    Screen3- i can go to UEFI, but only allows me to raise or lower the volumen keys on the first 2 options left menu.

    USB ports do not work.
    Keyboard on Otg with microUsb do not work

    Please can you help me?
    How do i do a reset?

    Please step by step , if you can be with pictures

    Thanks greetings,


  2. i tried hitting the f11 button for 10 minutes but it never came on for me to troubleshoot. what can i do? Should i keep hitting f11 or is there another way?

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