Kid’s corner on Windows Phone

If you have kids and your kids love to borrow your smartphone, you need to learn about Kid’s Corner on Windows Phone. Kids and smartphones can be a dangerous combination, as all of us who have children know. They could delete contacts, send messages, make long distance calls, delete other important data from our phone, etc..

Setting up Kid’s Corner on your Windows Phone will give you the possibility of letting your kid borrow your smartphone without having to worry about what he or she might be able to do with it. The idea is you grant Kid’s Corner access ONLY to the apps, movies, videos and games you want.

kids corner

Turn on and configure Kid’s Corner on a Windows Phone device.

To turn on Kid’s Corner on your Windows Phone device, you need to go to Settings and Kid’s Corner option.

set up kids corner

To grant Kids Corner permission to access Apps, games, music, or videos, you simply click on the link you want to grant access to, and select what you want from the list shown in each case.

Use Kid’s Corner

There are two ways to access Kid’s Corner. One is to launch it from the setup screen, using the button Launch Kid’s Corner. The other way is from the Main Lock Screen:

  1. Whipe left to see the Main Lock Screen for the Kid’s Corner.
  2. Swipe up, as you would the regular Main Lock Screen, to enter Kid’s Corner.

To exit Kid’s Corner you just press the POWER button briefly. When you press it again the Main Lock Screen will show, as usual.

kids corner interface

When using Kid’s Corner you will only be able to access what has been configured before.

Your kids will also be able to customize their corner, setting a background picture for the Lock Screen, change accent colour and the text that shows on the Lock screen.

If you have a lock screen password, this password will be asked when you try to access Kid’s Corner too.


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