Nokia Lumia 928

By following this tutorial you will be able to reset Windows Phone OS inside the well known and successful Nokia Lumia 928.

reset Windows Phone Nokia lumia 928

Why would you need to reset Windows Phone on your Nokia Lumia 928 ?

Perhaps you want to resell or give away your Nokia Lumia 928 as a gift, but first you need to erase all your personal data and installed applications. You will accomplish such task by performing a hard reset on your Windows Phone. Luckily enough, there is a simple way to reset Windows Phone through it’s own settings menu.

Or -hopefully is not your case- maybe your Nokia Lumia 928 is behaving erratically or -most frustrating- you may have forgotten the password code to unlock it.

Luckily enough, there is a second way to reset Windows Phone,  even if your Nokia Lumia 928 is completely unresponsive, depicted on the last part of this tutorial.

Reset Windows phone using the settings menu on your Nokia Lumia 928

reset Windows PhoneFirst, consider the following: You need to have working access into your Nokia Lumia 928 phone. If your phone is unresponsive, just jump into the last method of hard resetting your Lumia 928, later on this tutorial.

In order to invoke the reset Windows Phone procedure on your Nokia Lumia 928 you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Tap into Settings menu
  2. Select the About option
  3. Choose or tap into RESET YOUR PHONE.

Quite easy, isn’t it ?

Soft reset windows phone when your ¡Nokia Lumia 928 has freezed on you

There is an alternative reset Windows Phone method, which does not involve erasing everything into factory default mode. It just powers off the phone, hopefully eliminating any circumstantial freeze or misbehaving.

This soft reset method may be invoked by pressing and holding the VOLUME DOWN and POWER keys at the same time, until you feel your Nokia Lumia 928 vibrates.

Reset Windows Phone when your Nokia Lumia 928 is locked or unresponsive

You will need to start with your Nokia Lumia 928 powered off in order to invoke this button based reset procedure. Please use the following steps in order to reset Windows Phone:

  1. Press -and keep pressed- the POWER, VOLUME DOWN and CAMERA buttons
  2. When you feel a small vibration, please release the POWER button (only the power button!)
  3. When the initial boot screen starts on your Nokia Lumia 928 you need to release the other two buttons.
  4. You need to leave your Nokia Lumia 928 alone for some minutes (it may take up to 5 minutes) so it can fulfill the reset Windows Phone procedure.

You will get a completely renewed Nokia Lumia 928, just as if you got it out from its factory box, by completing any of these two reset Windows Phone methods.

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