Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon

In this tutorial we will explain how to do a soft and hard reset windows phone on a Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon device.

reset windows phone on Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon

The Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon is a medium range device that, thanks to its characteristics and specifications, have no trouble in running Windows Phone 8.1 smoothly.

Learn how to apply a hard reset in Windows Phone and return your device to it’s factory settings.

In similar fashion, you will learn how to do a soft reset in Windows Phone, if, for example, your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon freezes or a certain application is non-responsive.

Carefully read all the instructions to decide which method will better adapt to the needs of your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon.

Soft reset of Windows on Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon

Using this method you will be able to soft reset Windows on your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon device, by pressing a series of buttons in a certain order. Please, bear in mind that this will only force the Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon  to shut down and then restart, it will not delete any information or make any chances to the operative system.

  • Press the Volume Down, Volume Up and Power button at the same time
  • When you feel that your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon vibrates, let go of the buttons.

When your device restarts it will be free from any errors that cause the phone to stop responding.

Hard reset windows on Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon

If you choose this method to reset windows on Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon, it’s because you want your device to return to it’s out of the box state. In only a few minutes, you will have your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon as good as new with the factory settings restored. Follow these steps to go through with the procedure:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to About
  • Click on the Reset your Phone option and follow the directions given.

You’re done! As you can see reset windows on your Cherry Mobile Alpha Neon is very easy to do!